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1988 Kenyan Film Official HD Trailer

Posted On : April 16, 2018

Oscar Alochi


A short film highlighting the occurrences in Nyayo House torture chambers will premier in Kenya soon, Asimba said the film will be released online so that as many people as possible can watch in order to shade some light on Kenya’s dark and not so memorable past.
‘1988‘ is a short film on the life and events of the Kenyan society in the late 80’s, involving civil rights infractions against freedom of speech, detaining that concluded with violent torture at the Nyayo chambers.


1988‘ is a modern-day adaptation, illustrating the blurred lines between dictatorship and democracy in modern African countries. The film reflects on how, commoners fought for their rights irregardless of attaining freedom equally, living in fear. Not to mention how the privileged with power, maintained law and order, by means of oppression. In conclusion, this freedom had restrictions, had rules, regulations and strict limitations.

Oscar Alochi


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