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A List of Top 10 Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

Posted On : May 18, 2014

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The aim of this list is to feature all the notable and upcoming Kenyan fashion bloggers. We feel this is a great way to recognize and appreciate their efforts while giving them a boost to their readership. Fashion blogging in Kenya is becoming a major gig and a hobby for many who use it to showcase and cover their personal styles and share ideas. Even though the ladies have dominated this sphere, the menfolk have also shown their capability and strength in running a fashion blog too. This is a random list (and not a marketing copy), but it is also worth to know the top female fashion bloggers in Kenya and top men fashion bloggers in Kenya.

Top 10 Female Bloggers in Kenya


Sharon is one of the popular female fashion bloggers in Kenya. Her efforts have earned her the rights to rank among the top. She runs the “This is Ess” fashion blog and believes that fashion is all about expressing your personal character and imaginations in the best possible way. She started blogging in 2012 and hopes to inspire women across Africa. Some of the categories she covers include travel, wedding, lifestyle, and beauty. She also writes for Lifestyle Magazine run by Capital FM.


Her love for fashion started while she was still a young girl and she grew to pursue her dreams. She started out as a stylist for the Nation Newspaper, and she later launched “The Fashion Notebook,” an online fashion blog, in 2010. Nancie has enjoyed a glare of publicity due to her blog. She is a two times winner of the BAKE Best Fashion Blogger competition. Currently, she runs a blog under her name, Nancie Mwai, and she covers Travel, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, and Beauty.


Kendi is known for her acting roles in Changing Times and Prem, Joy Kendi started out as an actress with no prior experience. She launched her blog, Our Style Kenya (now Just Joy Kendi), during her acting course as a side gig. It took off later and has become one of Kenya’s most visited blogs. Joy Kendi is one of the most popular Kenyan bloggers. Her style is chic and meant for the modern woman.

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