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A List of Top 10 Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

Posted On : May 18, 2014

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Maureen holds a beautiful aura of a fun and creative-themed blog designed for beauty bits and fashion pieces. Her blog, has a bold and auspicious online presence. This is naturally due to her incorporation of beauty and style and fashion tips in the clearest and boldest expressions. That pretty much sums up her awesome sense of style.


Her stylish sense has made her become a creative and fashion-forward guru Kenya. She is also among the top Kenyan fashion bloggers. Winnie’s blog, , gives timely and fashion-forward tips that create different dimensions of fashion entities. Her diary, termed as a diary of style, is a go-to place for all matters chic and stylish. This clearly shows why the lady rules.


Wairimu has steadily risen to becoming one of Kenya’s most renowned Kenyan fashion bloggers and hair enthusiasts. She directs one of the most compelling blogs in the fashion scene. She gives different tips on handling hair matters for the ladies and the fashion equivalents to complete the look. Her blog,, has varying styles and trends for the fashionista and modern woman to bring out their best.


Mumbi Shokey has one of the most active online presence in the Kenyan fashion blogger scene. With a Youtube channel to complement the awesome work of art that is her blog, she is one to watch, pun-intended. Her style is a beautiful, classy mixture of fusing different styles to bring out completeness. Mumbi’s blog,, paints a vivid picture of class and style to accentuate a modern woman’s look.

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