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Nairobi, Kenya


Posted On : December 12, 2017



Nairobi Fashion Hub is a rapidly expanding forum for fashion, models, stylists, bloggers, make-up artists, photographers, and fashion/accessory designers from East Africa and the rest of Africa. This is where they can show off their skills, promote their ideas, and network with local and international clients.

All of this is intended to demonstrate to the region that fashion is a money-making, creative business while also promoting the “Made in Africa” notion.
Nairobi Fashion Hub is a platform that was founded and created in 2016 by well-known fashion bloggers and photographers. It has grown to become East and Central Africa’s largest online fashion platform.

Nairobi Fashion Hub has established a dynamic and promising platform for the region’s fashion industry, and it is now aiming to become Africa’s most sought-after fashion platform for the international market.
E-mail: info@nairobifashionhub.co.ke

“Africa, as a continent, has embarked on a global strategy to re-position the arts, culture, media, entertainment, and fashion sectors as key players in social cohesion, job creation, and social and economic development, paving the way for collaborations with global stakeholders to showcase their talents and multimedia products.”

Africa Has Risen

Photo Credit: The African City, Inspired By African Fashion Style Ankara and African Print