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Adau Mornyang

Posted On : January 31, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Adau Mornyang is an Australian South Sudanese born model and beauty pageant finalist who has become an advocate against rape victim-blaming culture, particularly in South Sudanese communities, She spoke out on Facebook about her assault that occurred at age 17 in Adelaide which attracted national media coverage and international on the  issue.

Adau Mornyang Personal life
Mornyang migrated to Australia when she was 10 as a refugee from war-torn South Sudan unable to speak English, Mornyang moved from Sydney to Melbourne on her own at age 17, and from 19 to 22 her career in modelling  prospered. Working in the top fashion cities of the world, such as London, Paris and New York Mornyang kept to her goal of becoming a positive role model for her community, eventually using the Miss World platform to achieve it.

Adau Mornyang photo shoot at the beach

Miss World Australia 2017 Finalist
Mornyang competed for the Miss World Australia title at the Rendezvous Hotel against 30 other contenders, there she progressed to the final eight, Mornyang vowed to use the Miss world platform to inspire people and speak out against rape in communities which sweep the criminal acts under the rug.

Speaking on social issues
Rape victim-blaming
Mornyang a victim of sexual assault herself was inundated after posting her experience on a one hour long Facebook video from women whom had faced similar assaults as well as positive messages, in the case of her sexual assault and rape she was bullied into asking the police to drop the charges laid against the offenders. Mornyang spoke out against victim-blaming but received a backlash from men in her community.

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