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Adèle Dejak Jewellery and Accessories

Adèle Dejak is a premium brand of handcrafted fashion jewellery and accessories inspired by African tribes, textiles and cultural elements. Available from our Village Market and Kiambu you can also Shop as well  from their online platform www.adeledejak.com, Adèle Dejak is a luxurious line of handcrafted bags, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.
Edgy, articulate and peerless,Adèle Dejak’s pieces are a must-have for the bold, modern and style-savvy woman.

Some Collection of African inspired Jewellery form Adèle Dejak

The brand is based on an ethical & sustainable business model and aims to empower communities by celebrating local cultures, teaching technical skills and creating employment opportunities.
Adèle Dejak cut her teeth in the world of typographic design in England and Italy before moving to Nairobi, Kenya in 2005 and turning her attention to accessories design. She was captivated by the natural beauty of horn and began experimenting with it, using different techniques to create chic, original pieces.

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