Monday 19th of April 2021

Nairobi, Kenya

Free trade to help Africa rebuild after virus, even if delayed

Africa lags other regions in terms of internal trade, with intracontinental commerce accounting for only 15% of the total, compared with 58% in Asia and more than 70% in Europe. The agreement is meant to help change that, aiming to lower or eliminate cross-border tariffs on 90% of goods, facilitate the movement of capital and people, promote investment and pave the way for the establishment of a continent-wide customs union.

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Power of E-commerce in Rapid Expanding African Fashion Sector  

Online revenues for the African fashion sector are predicted to grow by over 14% annually over the next four years. African fashion has revelled in tremendous media interest recently. Beyoncé helped propel Senegalese designer Sarah Diouf’s Tongoro brand to international fame when the singer wore a patterned dress and wide-leg pants on holiday last year. Naomi Campbell and Alicia Keys are other megastars spotted wearing African-designed clothes.

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David Avido Ochieng Icon Of Hope In Kibera

This awareness is what started the lookslike avido story in 2017, when Avido decided to sew stage outfits for his dance crew himself. Through finishing his fashion & design diploma at Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts, he developed a solid skill set to grow as a designer. He took it from there and started expressing his message through crafting handmade pieces in Kibera.

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Kitui County Textile Centre ( KICOTEC ) Factory that Transformed into a Surgical Mask Assembly Line Overnight

Honorable Governor Charity Ngilu’s call for domestic production instead of reliance on China is diluted somewhat by the fact that the raw material of the mesh that makes up the majority of the mask known as PVC pellets is imported from China. So far, though, PVC pellets are much easier to find on the open market than masks themselves.

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To Help Stop Coronavirus Everyone Should Be Wearing Face Masks

The science is clear even people without symptoms can infect other just by speaking but a simple cloth covering can stop us spreading harmful droplets. Research supported by Nobel prize-winning virologist Harold Varmus tells us that placing a layer of cloth in front of a person’s face stops 99% of the droplets.

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