Thursday 15th of April 2021

Nairobi, Kenya

Inside Naomi Campbell’s Luxury Villa In Kenya Open Door Architectural Digest

Naomi Campbell first visited Malindi in the mid-1990s and returned again a few years later with a longtime friend, the owner of this Kenyan luxury resort, which houses a handful of private residences, including Campbell’s getaway. Just over an hour’s flight from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, Malindi has long been a favorite of the Italian jetset. “All the locals speak Italian,” Campbell shares. “It’s like Little Italy in East Africa.”

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Fabric and Flux, What’s next for Thebe Magugu?

The Thebe Magugu brand now gets to show at Paris Fashion Week on the official schedule, and his collections are sold at stockists around the world including China, Nigeria, Japan, New York, Italy, Spain, London, and France. However, even as his business grows, Magugu says he is particularly proud to find that when it comes to online sales, the brand has significantly grown its South African following: “The wholesale side of my business is more international facing, but my online ...

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Ananse Africa partners Mastercard Foundation, DHL to connect 1,000 African fashion designers, artists to global markets

Ananse Platform Simplifies Global And Local Transactions For African Designers, Artists, And Artisans Africans are born storytellers, since the time of old. Ananse (/əˈnɑːnsi/) Africa is the meeting place for authentically African, independent brands to tell their stories. Storytelling in African cultures has been a way of passing down traditions, keeping cultural practices, as well as maintaining a sense of community. The story of Ananse can be traced back to West African folklore from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. ...

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The Future of South Africa Fashion

The STADIO School of Fashion has identified this potential and aims to continue the conversation and actively participate in the positive growth of this sector. While the country is slowly recovering from the impact of Covid-19, fashion may just be the answer to upskill, create jobs and boost the manufacturing sector into further positive growth. As a private higher education institution, the school prides itself on student centredness, local and international accreditation, and its direct ties with the global fashion ...

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Women-led Kenyan Design House Pine Kazi wins Fashionomics Africa sustainable Design Competition for turning Fruit Waste into Eco-friendly Footwear

The Fashionomics Africa contest honours African fashion brands working to change how fashion is produced, bought, used and recycled, to encourage more sustainable consumer behavior. A panel of four judges representing the Bank and competition collaborators – the United Nations Environment Program, the Parsons School of Design, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – reviewed 110 entries from 24 African countries and selected three finalists.

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