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Being Bonang

Posted On : April 25, 2019

Ann Mumbi


Bonang Matheba, popularly known as Queen B, is a much celebrated personality in the South African media and fashion sectors. She currently has over three million followers in South Africa on her Instagram page. She is a renown TV and a radio presenter who is celebrated for her strong work ethics.


Why did you decide to do Being Bonang and how is it different from the other TV shows and projects viewers have seen you in until now?

Four and a half years ago I did an online reality show, Bedazzled. and TV channels since then came to me and said can you please do a reality show, and I said I wasn’t ready.

And I think now in terms of my career, my life, my space, my head I’ve been through so many things. My life has been quite closed up; very private.

I’ve been engaging with people through my talks all over the country and what they said was “B, we just want a glimpse of how everything is done” and I thought, well, I am a bit confident in terms of the woman that I am, I’m ready to share my life. I think there’s lots of very interesting things that are happening.
The timing is really good right now, and everything’s been wonderful.

What kind of things will viewers see?

Viewers will see a different side of Bonang – a side you’ve never read about in the magazines, or in the TV shows. It’s real, just me at home, you’ll see my family, you’ll see my relationship, you’ll see my best friends.

The most important thing though is how the business behind brand Bonang is run and how things are ultimately done to get to a point where people at home see them.

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Ann Mumbi

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