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Bold and Colorful Designs Shine at Khayelitsha Fashion Week

Posted On : July 3, 2024

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Designers from across the Cape Flats showcased their vibrant creations at the Artscape Theatre Centre during the red carpet event for Khayelitsha Fashion Week. The theme, “Grounded in Nature,” brought forth bold and colorful designs, reflecting the unique perspectives and cultural heritage of the participants. Now in its eighth year, Khayelitsha Fashion Week is part of the Mother City Fashion Experience, founded by Zibonele FM breakfast show host Bongani Matenjwa.

Models and aspiring designers, primarily from the Cape Flats, demonstrated their talents on the runway. Among the 11 designers featured were creatives from Delft, Philippi, Langa, Nyanga, Khayelitsha, Parklands, and Manenberg, with a total of 45 models participating.

Matenjwa explained that the selection process for models and designers begins with a public call on social media. “Our models are not paid. Those ultimately selected undergo two months of training every Saturday, as some have no prior runway experience. Designers also apply and are chosen through a similar process.”

The event, which takes about four months to organize, was sponsored by Artscape Theatre, City of Cape Town, Shezz Hair Salon, Okuhle Nails and Beauty, Brand Magazine, and Zibonele FM. Originally planned as a two-day affair, unforeseen circumstances condensed it to a single day.

In the lead-up to the fashion show, selected designers participate in business training workshops. One standout designer, Avumile Majola, 34, from the Eastern Cape and now based in Parklands, shared her journey. A former content producer at Cape Town TV with a diploma in public relations, Majola moved to Cape Town with dreams of making it in the fashion industry.

Majola’s brand, Weentokazi, focuses on nature and body positivity. She challenged traditional media portrayals of beauty, advocating for inclusivity with her designs. “The media has lied to us, telling us that models need to be thin and have long straight hair. We are changing that, showing that we, with our afros and curves, can also be models.”

Majola, who runs her fashion business from home, designs and creates all her garments from scratch. “I did a year and a half on a fashion course at a creative hub in Observatory. After that, YouTube has been my go-to for learning new techniques.”

The name Weentokazi was inspired by her grandfather’s affectionate term for ladies, which she redefined to mean, “Here I am, I have arrived!” Majola advertises her garments on social media and reinvests all profits back into her business. She aspires to own Weentokazi clothing stores in the future.

Other designers at the event included Dandie Candie, Philip Albert, Mzukwane, Mos, Jaye, Rissa, Mgxobane, Zee Manguni, Ligugu Craft, and Sethu Wethu, each contributing to the rich tapestry of talent and creativity that defines Khayelitsha Fashion Week.

Nairobi Fashion Hub

Nairobi Fashion Hub


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