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Castor Oil for Your Skin

Posted On : January 19, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Have you ever wondered how beneficial castor oil could be for your skin? Most of you have considered it as a cooking oil, but did you know the amazing benefits one could derive from it? below are some of the benefit of castor oil for your skin.

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Face
1. Beautiful Luscious Lips
Ever wanted soft, smooth and beautiful lips? If yes, the solution to your problem is none other than castor oil! It will hydrate your lips and add the smooth and plump look you have always wanted. Always take one teaspoon of castor oil and apply all over your lips before going to sleep. You may also do it the first thing in the morning. It is cost effective and a much better option as compared to expensive lip balms.

2. Fuller Eyebrows
Most of you have often complained about your eyebrows. Some of you might even think they are not dark enough. But when you have castor oil at home, that problem will be taken care of as well. If you cleanse your eyebrows with a bit of castor oil on a regular basis, there is no doubt you will feel a difference. It’s best to carry out your beauty routine at night. The results are always better.

3. Cleanser
Did you know that castor oil also cleanses your skin? Yes! It removes all the dead cells and allows your skin to shine and look brighter or radiant. If you haven’t added this to your beauty routine, then do so right away! All you have to do is take a few drops of castor oil on a piece of cotton ball and apply all over your face. This will also prevent your skin from having breakouts and removes all impurities found in the pores. Once you have massaged your skin, always wash your face with lukewarm or cold water.

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