Monday 19th of April 2021

Nairobi, Kenya

Women-led Kenyan Design House Pine Kazi wins Fashionomics Africa sustainable Design Competition for turning Fruit Waste into Eco-friendly Footwear

The Fashionomics Africa contest honours African fashion brands working to change how fashion is produced, bought, used and recycled, to encourage more sustainable consumer behavior. A panel of four judges representing the Bank and competition collaborators – the United Nations Environment Program, the Parsons School of Design, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – reviewed 110 entries from 24 African countries and selected three finalists.

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Hamaji Studio

HAMAJI, is an ethical bohemian designer label created around preserving ancient textile traditions and Nomadic craftsmanship while empowering and supporting local small scale artisans in Africa. Each piece is crafted with care in a workshop situated on the foothills of Mount Kenya. Hamaji also takes pride in the materials that they source: upcycled vintage materials, sustainably sourced natural fibers, and textiles coming from spice markets and desert festivals in North Africa.

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Suave Kenya

Mohamed Awale makes backpacks, bags and accessories from up-cycled materials and locally sourced African fabrics. Their source and inspiration: Gikomba, the largest open air flea market in East Africa. Where clothes are brought to seek new life, or end up in a landfill. They don’t like landfills. Sorting Process. What goes where? Denim is always their first choice but they are constantly experimenting with an array of fabrics. From silk shirts to leather jackets, if it’s interesting enough, ...

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Jiamini Kenya Fashion Accessories Brand

Katchy Kollections Director Jennifer Mulli desires global recognition for her brand Jiamini Kiswahili for “believe in yourself.” It’s a bold goal for someone who has only been in business for three years. But given her current trajectory, Mulli may very well succeed. Mulli’s family-run Kenyan business sells clothing and accessories inspired by “a deep affection for its African cultural heritage and wealth of design possibilities influenced by the Western fashion scene.” They specialize in detailing their products with ...

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Nike Kondakiss Upcycled Parachute Fashions Help Educate Maasai Girls

Nike Kondakis isn't your everyday designer. For several years, the Kenya-based artist has been redesigning her multipurpose, conceptual looks using a combination of upcycled parachutes, cruelty-free peace silk, wood from fallen trees, and other found objects. Bolstered by a three-year stint studying responsible entrepreneurship at Kaospilot in her native Europe, Kondakis's eponymous label boasts a strong ethical conscience. Besides paying the people she works with a fair price her yarns are hand-spun and organically dyed in coffee, tea, and turmeric ...

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