Saturday 6th of March 2021

Nairobi, Kenya

Buki Ade is a Nigerian American fashion designer , CEO and Founder of BFyne

Oscar Alochi

November 24, 2020


“It’s like…you walk in your kitchen and see a pineapple...and a lemon. You think, ‘What if I used the pineapple leaves as a design…what if I make them yellow, then invert them, then mirror that image?’ You leave it and come back to it a million times. You wipe it all out and start over. That’s just one step in the design process.  I don’t think people really understand how much goes into it. ...

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Archel Bernard Making Bold Moves in Africa Fashion Industry 

“We are making tangible change in the lives of women who work for us.“ It’s change inspired by Bernard’s journey and all the people who have been part of it. Her grandmother, after fleeing Liberia, worked long hours in retail at a J.C. Penney until she couldn’t work anymore. She was at the grand opening of Bombchel.

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Nisha Kanabar The Curator Championing African Fashion

Nisha Kanabar founded Industrie Africa in hopes of addressing the misconceptions and stereotypical impressions of what African design really is. “It was important for me to create a 360-degree hub of contemporary African fashion that’s global, curated, and current

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Tshego Manche from a small town of Klerksdorp with Big Dreams For African Fashion

Fashion Police

September 16, 2020


La Manche clothing was registered in early 2012 and was ready to put the all the theory into practice. Manche dropped out of varsity during her third year and went on to start selling on a small scale to friends and family, and she opened her physical store end of 2012.

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Industrie Africa New Shopping Site Makes It Easy to Discover African Fashion Brands

Nisha Kanabar is a native Tanzanian with cultivated expertise in Africa’s emerging designer market. As the CEO and founder of Industrie Africa, Nisha is at the forefront of a culturally significant moment for African fashion in an increasingly globalized world. A seasoned leader with a background that crosses numerous markets, her experience spans the editorial and commercial teams of top industry names including the American and Indian counterparts of VOGUE, and Conde Nast’s Middle Eastern presence

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