Monday 8th of March 2021

Nairobi, Kenya

Moet & Chandon Grand Day: Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial in Nairobi in Style

Moët & Chandon held its annual Moët & Chandon Grand Day, a day of sparkling celebrations around the globe where, for 24 hours, friends and guests of the Champagne House came together to raise their champagne glasses in a worldwide toast to the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial, a global icon of celebration since 1869. […]

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Johnnie Walker White Walker Limited Edition ‘Game of Thrones’ 

Once forgotten and reduced to ancient legend, White Walkers have emerged from the frozen north, bringing with them the chill of winter and the promise of terror and destruction to all who stands in their path. With their tall blades of ice capable of slicing through iron and their silent, icy blue glaze, they are […]

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