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Nairobi, Kenya

Wauzine Cheza Kama Wewe One Project, Two Countries, Eleven Designers, Boundless Creativity

Fashion Police

December 22, 2020


Creative DNA project is delivered by the Kenyan partner, Metta Nairobi and the UK based partner Fashion Scout, 11 fashion businesses have been immersed in a 12- month incubator programme between February 2020 and February 2021 - including a business bootcamp, personalised mentoring, competitive seed funding and will be showcasing on Fashion Scout’s digital schedule during London Fashion Week.

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Fashion Under The Baobab Trees Dakar Fashion Week takes catwalk outside and into a baobab forest

The event, held at the weekend in Senegal's capital with the theme of environmental responsibility, featured 20 designers whose collections - both those on the runway and sold in boutiques - have long been handmade on the continent rather than mass produced in factories. "Fashion Weeks exist specifically to promote the idea of continuous consumption of new clothes," she said. "They can still be a celebration of creativity, of imagination, of innovation. But everything just needs to be geared towards the ...

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How Naomi Campbell and Arise Fashion Week are Championing Design Talent From Across the Diaspora

Oscar Alochi

December 12, 2020


“We’ve set things up so that there are designers from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and working for the Kering Group,” she says. “A year and a half ago, when I proposed this to them, they understood it and embraced it. Now [designers] are getting to work and learn there for a year. That is a commitment, and it’s what I’d like to see more of.” In the meantime, the supermodel is doing her part to bring ...

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Designer and Teacher Diarra Bousso Fuses Math and Art to Create Her Fashion Collections

Diarra Bousso is a Fashion Innovator and Social Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Senegal, Diarra moved to Norway at 16 years old to attend the United World College and later went to college in Macalester where she graduated in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics. Diarra spent two years on Wall Street as a trader on the Structured Products Desk but resigned in January 2013 to follow her true passions: Fashion, Development and Africa. She founded Dakar Boutique Group, a luxury holding company based ...

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African Prom Dresses

The color and shine that accompanies African print prom dresses are irresistible. Let’s not forget that every dress needs accessories to go with it. African print dresses are the easiest to accessorize. This is because of the variety of colors you can choose from. If for example, you were going to wear a white dress, this would limit your accessory options tremendously. On the other hand, if you chose an African print prom dress with three mixed colors, then ...

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