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What Is Skin pH? How to Tell if Yours Is Healthy, and Why It Matters

Ann Mumbi

September 23, 2020


A review published in July 2014 in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology cites research that suggests diet may have a bigger connection to skin health than dermatologists formerly believed. On the basis of existing data, a plant-based diet that’s low in refined carbohydrates is a good idea for overall skin health, researchers concluded.

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Benefits Of Lemon For Skin That Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Beauty Routine

Lemons have many health benefits because they’re packed with vitamins and minerals. You may be using them to freshen up your glass of water, or when cooking your favourite dish. Lemons can also be used as a beauty product, working miracles from your hair, to your skin.

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More Info About Why Fragrance Is a Problem for Skin

Why Fragrance Is a Problem for Skin: Daily use of products that contain a high amount of fragrance, whether the fragrant ingredients are synthetic or natural, causes a chronic sensitizing reaction on skin. This reaction in turn leads to all kinds of problems, including disrupting skin’s barrier, worsening dryness, increasing or triggering redness, depleting vital […]

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More info about Irritating Ingredients

Irritating Ingredients: We cannot stress this enough: Sensitizing, harsh, abrasive, and/or fragrant ingredients are bad for all skin types. Daily application of skincare products that contain these irritating ingredients is a major way we unwittingly do our skin a disservice! Irritating ingredients are a problem because they can lead to visible problems, such as redness, […]

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More info about Alcohol-Based Products

Alcohol-Based Products: Research makes it clear that alcohol, as a main ingredient in any product, especially one you use frequently and repeatedly, is a problem. When we express concern about the presence of alcohol in makeup products, we’re referring to denatured ethanol, which most often is listed as SD alcohol, alcohol denat., denatured alcohol, or (less […]

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