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City Walk Donates 2000 Pairs Of Shoes To Ajuma Foundation

Posted On : December 5, 2021

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Over the weekend, the Ajuma Foundation received 2,000 pairs of shoes from the shoe retail company City Walk. The company made the handover at its 30th-anniversary celebration event which was attended by influencer Maureen Waititu who also became the company’s brand ambassador and supermodel Ajuma Nasanyena.

Speaking at the event Ajuma said that the shoes donated would help keep the children of Turkana in school.

“The reason why I’m standing here today and have partnered with City Walk is because of the children. The teachers told me the children walk eight hours a day back and forth from school. And when you look at the children’s feet, they have wounds on their feet from thorns and rocks. It’s just a handful of them who have shoes. It was a really huge weight for me to carry. And I just wanted to say, thank you so much to City Walk for taking that part of that weight.”

City Walk opened its doors in 1991 with an initial branch located at the Mall Westlands as a women’s shoe shop. Within a year, the men’s shoes were introduced to the catalog. It has since become a retail chain with over 25 branches across Kenya.

Speaking at the anniversary celebration the City Walk Director, Sheriffi Hassan Ali, said that he started the company with no experience, only spurred on by the dream of opening a shoe shop. He says the company’s continued success can be attributed to its customers and the company’s core belief in family.

“What we do is not just selling shoes. It is connectivity. A connection that is sole to soul. As we move ahead there are many causes we would like to support.

We have partnered with Imani orphanages and at the end of this month, or next month we are opening a City Walk orphanage for prisoner kids at Kasarani. And then our goal is to plant a hundred thousand trees in this country over the next 10 years.”


Keeping up with the tradition of family, the company named influencer and mother of two Maureen Waititu their new brand ambassador.

“I’m telling you, this (City Walk) is a real family, I have never felt more at home. And it’s in the actions, it’s in your work of charity, because I know we are about to launch their children’s home for mothers in prison in addition to what you’re doing for Ajuma today…I do not take this opportunity for granted. Thank you for embracing my children. This is such a huge win for me, seeing me and the boys on a billboard.”

As part of her campaign as the brand ambassador, Maureen will offer her followers giveaways for spotting the new billboards as well as a promo code with a 10% discount on all City Walk products.

Content courtesy of KBC & NFH Digital Team 

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