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Del Africa Fashion House has become a household in the fashion industry

Posted On : September 21, 2018

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Del Africa Fashion House has become a household in the fashion industry. The fashion label has showcased on various runways like Africa Utopia Fashion Show London, Accra Fashion Week Ghana, Nigeria Television Fashion Show Nigeria, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. They provide exceptional aesthetic designed clothing for local/international market. They combine unique blend of African fabrics and designs to produce clothing and accessories of international standard for both local and export purposes.

The Creative director Fidelis Usigbe is a member of FADAN (Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria) has a 9-year track record and leadership training skills with various NGO’s, Entrepreneurship training with Jos Business School, Internship with the National Assembly. We train and equip youths with the necessary skills that will enable them start-up a sustainable fashion business.

Del Africa Fashion in his collection paid tribute to his northern roots.

Social Media – @Delafricafashion

Photo Credit – Studio 24 Nigeria 

Content Courtesy Of Del Africa & Nairobi Fashion Hub

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