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East African-inspired Luxury Streetwear Is Brought To “Fusion” By Mn Designers.

Posted On : September 26, 2022

Oscar Alochi


Numerous regional designers are featured in “Energy Gear x Ramadhan Designs Presents Fusion,” a haute fashion show that fuses traditional and modern styles.
MINNEAPOLIS “Fashion has always been a passion of mine.”

Ramadhan “Rammy” Mohamed, the founder of Ramadhan Designs and one of the two designers emceeing Thursday’s Fusion event for Fashion Week MN, claims that she was first motivated to pursue her love while a young girl by seeing her uncle sew clothing for women in East Africa.


Mohamed, an Oromo immigrant who now resides in St. Paul, is prepared to debut her most recent line of couture garments with an East African flair. She warns that the new decline will likely be “unexpected.”

Very seductive but timeless. You’ll most likely see a lot of crop tops and fabric manipulation, said Mohamed.
Mike Byers, the creator of the upscale streetwear brand Energy Gear, will collaborate with Mohamed on this occasion. Byers said he believes the term for which he called his business manifests in his creations.

“I believe that the word ‘energy’ denotes a great deal. It denotes wellbeing and good health. It represents who you are and who you associate with. It denotes what you think and how you behave as well as what you allow to enter your thoughts.
I think it stands for a lot of things,” Byers added.

The Thursday presentation will include a fusion of the two design houses’ individual aesthetics, displaying Byers’ contemporary and futuristic streetwear alongside Mohamed’s exquisite, intricate, and ecological couture.

The event will take place at Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis among premium vehicles as a parallel to the classic-modern idea.


Old school, antique automobiles still have a lot of value, according to Byers, but there are also brand-new, ultra-modern, ultra-futuristic, fast cars that are valuable.
The street representation in the current automobiles and the couture representation in the vintage, old-school cars, I believe, is another element that we want to use and highlight.

Mohamed, who this year produced a collection that was 100% waste-free, is thrilled to share her concept for sustainability through a beautiful mashup of fine fabrics in unusual hues and textures. She claims that not a single piece of cloth was wasted. She hopes that her designs would strike a chord with her neighbors. She has drawn inspiration throughout her adult life from “a child at the State Fair” to “someone across the world in East Africa.”

I attended fashion school because I wanted to give Minnesotans options and apparel, she added. Very stylish, cozy, and, of course, perfectly suited to Minnesota’s climate. I wish to contribute in some way to the revitalization of art production in our city for the benefit of our people.

Although the apparel is what is being displayed at Fusion, Byers continues, the designers couldn’t have brought their collections to life without assistance from the community.

This is how genuine cooperation between communities, our demographics, and our variety looks like, he remarked. “We work with models of all ages and sizes. We simply like to demonstrate what actual community collaboration looks like because that’s the vibe we want to project.
Fusion by Energy Gear x Ramadhan Designs kicks off on Thursday at 6 p.m. with beverages, a pop-up store, and a DJ. Beginning at 7 o’clock comes the fashion show with Energy Gear, Ramadhan Designs, Rashidat Akangbe Enifeni, Venci, and Generation Bliss.

Content courtesy of Ramadhan Designs & NFH

Oscar Alochi


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