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Egyptian Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips

Posted On : May 25, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Want to feel like the Queen of the Nile? Well, you could probably try using some of Cleopatra’s ancient beauty secrets. Just look back to the history of ancient Egypt and you will understand how beauty has played a vital role in reinforcing the power and status of women.
Queen Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of the country, was known worldwide for her mesmerizing beauty and mystifying appeal. She was the first to come up with the modern-day concepts of beauty and makeup, which were spread throughout the nation as well as the entire world. To know more about those secrets of ancient Egyptians, go through rest of the article.

Egyptian Beauty Secrets
1. Sea salt was considered as one of the most popular beauty ingredients in Egypt. Women used to collect it from the famous salt lake ‘Dead Sea’ and make use of it as a skin revitalizer for getting a light and bright skin.

2. Aloe Vera is another beauty herb that was highly admired by Egyptians. From skincare to hair care, this succulent herb made its way into each and every type of beauty regimen of these people.

3. Both milk and honey were favourite skin care items of Egyptian women. They used to prepare a perfect mixture of these two things and apply it on their faces as a face mask or all over the body as a body wash.

4. ‘Natron’ or baking soda was an important ingredient of Egyptian facial scrub. Women used to combine honey with it for getting the best exfoliating results.

5. They were also very concerned about the under eye puffiness and used slices of avocado to get rid of it.

Ann Mumbi

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