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Eva Apio

Posted On : January 28, 2020

Fashion Tribe Influencer


Eva Apio is best known as a Model. Ugandan model based in England who is represented by Storm Models. She was born on July 1, 2000 in Uganda. In January 2019 she was part of a River Island campaign with Ocean Lewis. She began modeling when she was young, but quit when she was 13. She started up again at 16, and was signed with Zone Models.

So I grew up around fashion really, my mum she started modelling at a young age, and she won miss Uganda, then she got scouted and moved to Germany and was modelling there, she was in Berlin modelling. This was after she had me. She had me and left me with my aunt, who’s a fashion designer in Uganda, so then she just used me as a little muse. There are pictures of me on google walking down the catwalk, I was doing like coca-cola, and little magazines and stuff.

Then my mum moved to London, and I joined her later on when I was. Then from 10, I was in London, chilling and doing little shoots here and there for my mum and stuff. Then I stopped because I didn’t want to be like my mum, we already have the same name; Eva. So I didn’t want to be her, I wanted to go through my own path, but my dad wanted me to do modelling. So I went away when I was 16 and had just finished school. I went on a little retreat. My dad calls me, and he’s a there’s a modelling agency that wants to see you, I signed you up. At first, I was like why would you do that?! But then I was like okay, I’ll give it a shot. So I signed up for like a year.

All other agencies had said no to me because of my height; I’m 5’5. But before I’d left for the retreat, I’d sat down and written down all the agencies I wanted to join, and every time they had a walk-in, my dad and I got in the car and drove to every single one. They’d all say ‘I’ll get back to you’, but we all know what that means. Most of the feedback was ‘You’re beautiful but too small’.

She is one of the successful Model. Eva Apio has ranked on the list of those famous people who were born on July 1, 2000. She is one of the Richest Model who was born in Uganda.

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Fashion Tribe Influencer

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