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Exclusive Interview With Wacera Kieha Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger From Kenya

Posted On : August 17, 2018

Oscar Alochi


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What’s your Favorite fragrance?

Wacera Kieha: Mmmh. My natural smell.

Your Best place to eat out in Nairobi?

Wacera Kieha: I don’t eat out a lot and I also don’t like to cook. I love to explore and try different menus from different restaurants. I am currently trying out Spanish, Mexican & Indian cuisines.

What do you prefer Blog or YouTube?

Wacera Kieha: I have been blogging for almost 3 years now and it is time for me to try out YouTube. I think I will love both equally.

Your favorite top five Instagram accounts you can recommend to follow?
Wacera Kieha:
@CeraAccessories – Everything Fashion, Beauty & Home ware, all made in Kenya.

@Vogue – Fashion

@UNWomen – Gender Equality

@CravingYellow – Natural Hair

@Interiorblink – Home Decor

What’s your take on Kenya Fashion Industry?

Wacera Kieha: We have really grown, have a look at our Designers, Runway Shows and also how Kenyans dress on daily basis. But, we need more affordable designers and this could be made possible if our textile industry is revived.

How can you rate Africa fashion and what’s your reason?

Wacera Kieha: I think Africa Fashion is really growing and the future is bright. We now have more designers, influencers and Fashion events. West Africa and South Africa are  ahead of the rest of us, and we need to borrow notes from them and work together.

Your favorite designer both local and International?

Wacera Kieha: I do not have a favourite fashion designer, I appreciate every design, as they are different and elegant in their own way.

Your Favorite travel destination?

Wacera Kieha: Beach please. I love Beaches, I hope to explore as many as possible worldwide.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Wacera Kieha: If you like it, forget the rules.

What was your most exciting moment since being an influencer?

Wacera Kieha: Everytime someone clicks on my blog is an exciting moment for me. Meeting new people is also very exciting.

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