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Fashion Brand SaS Corner Embraces African Design Through Old-school Hippie Style

Posted On : October 5, 2020

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Boasting a collection of tops, trousers, dresses and pinafores, SAS Collection looks to the continent of Africa for inspiration for its hippie-style feelgood pieces.

Moved by the vividness of African colours – from the fierce reds of the Maasai culture to  the proud blues and yellows of South Africa’s Southern Ndebele tribe Sara Saleh launched a brand that would embrace its own loud, bold and experimental nature. SAS Corner – which came out July 2020  takes the patterns of Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia, and incorporates them into hippie designs that have been taken straight out of the 1970s.

Using 100% Egyptian cotton, SAS Corner’s collection offers dresses, trousers, pinafores and two-piece sets, all embodying a summer aesthetic, with each pattern named after a different element in Swahili.

“When people dress in bright colours, they get the unique opportunity to translate their soul through the clothes they wear,” Saleh tells #CairoScene. “With our collection, which turns to the vibrancy of colours found across Africa, we’re going for clothes that scream positivity and good vibes, all the while maintaining the comfort and designs inspired by hippie fashion.”

Content courtesy of Cairo Scene & Nairobi fashion hub

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