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Femi One New Jam Featuring Mejja Utawezana Official HD Video

Posted On : April 10, 2020

Oscar Alochi


Amid all the gloom and doom of the coronavirus pandemic, hitmakers Mejja and Femi One have come through with a lighthearted collab that is guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of music lovers.

Having been in the game for a while, the two popular music acts were always bound to cross paths. And as it turns out, this is the partnership we didn’t know we needed.

Femi one has records that are pure hip hop, Genge, Gengetone, and she can even sing if she wants to, what she hasn’t released yet is Mugithi or Rhumba but I am sure she can do that as well if she wants to.


Dubbed ‘Utawezana’, the project employs a creative concept that sees Mejja try his luck with the Kaka Empire-signed femcee. Tapping into his humorous and streetwise story-telling, Mejja tries to smooth-talk Femi One into submission.

On her part, Femi One plays hard to get, challenging Mejja to prove that he can handle her. This sets up a fun and flirty concept that is rarely seen in the local scene.

A Kaka Empire 2020 presentation
Audio Produced by Riccobeatz MR 808
Audio Mastered by ABH
Video Directed By Trey Juelz
Femi One Styled by @the_stylespirator
Mejja styles by @dee_best_world
Make up @Shazellahbeautygalore
Hair @Saul juma
Femi One appears courtesy of Kaka Empire & Kaka Empire Management

Oscar Alochi


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