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Highlands Mall

Posted On : February 6, 2019

Oscar Alochi


Highlands mall is a beautiful and stellar center, set to be the most convenient shopping, entertainment and business destination in the whole Rift region. Backed by a prime location, efficient design, utmost convenience, flexible layout, world-renowned retailers already on site and a state of art allure, the mall is set to revolutionize living and lifestyle on the rapidly flourishing Eldoret landscape.


Highlands Mall is conveniently located on the main Uganda highway. In close proximity, are well-populated estates and areas like West Indies, West, the industrial area as well as the CBD. The Sosiani River of which “Eldoret” was named – derived from the Maasai word “Eldore” meaning “Stony River” – flows to the West in close proximity to the Highlands Mall.

The mall has direct access from the main Uganda Rd that runs through the center of Eldoret, with multiple child and disabled friendly entrance and exit points. Tight security deployed at the gates will filter access to the mall to provide a safe working and leisurely environment. A wide back entrance is also made available for easy access of bulk suppliers for efficient flow of goods.

Highlands Mall is in a high-density, middle class area. An efficient design ensures ease of access through vast parking bays, with a central food court to draw travelers, professionals and nearby residents alike in momentous numbers. In addition, the mall is located right opposite the main Western Kenya bus stop, enhancing convenience for commuters and boosting potential foot traffic.

The mall is a new model in retail design brimming with opportunity and the chance to capitalize on this vast untapped market at a succulent premium. With major local and international retailers like Choppies already committed for the space, there is a limited opportunity to grab a stake in this prime venture.

We are located on the main Uganda highway Eldoret 

Content Courtesy of Highlands Mall & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

Oscar Alochi


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