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How To Wear Black Lipstick

Posted On : April 23, 2018

Ann Mumbi


When it comes to lipsticks, the bolder we feel, the darker the color we like to flaunt. Walking with confident strides and our head held high, red has always been the quintessential color for us. But, maybe, it is time to go darker and bolder with black.
Invoking the image of the unadulterated goth, black lipstick is not for those faint of heart. But one would be hard-pressed to deny its irresistibility. Often associated with fringe and counter-culture, nothing spells rebellion quite like the black lipstick.

If you want to test the waters but aren’t sure if investing in a brand new lipstick is the way to go, then this tutorial is for you. Use a liner instead of a lipstick. There is no reason anymore to not step out of your comfort zone

Ann Mumbi

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