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Iss By Iss Studio

Posted On : May 28, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Who is Iss Simply Simple and Just iss 

Iss by Iss was founded in 2011 by Isabel Nyamgero Kenyan born, a graduate with a background in Industrial Chemistry but because of her love for design she ventured into the creative industry.
She prides herself as an industry disruptor, seeking to change the perception of the design world.

Some Collection from Iss By Iss Studio 

Iss by Iss inspiration
Africa is rich starting right from the continent itself; its people, their culture, their style, their craftsmanship, its landscape and most especially its vast resources which we as a company use generously and innovatively to produce our products.
Ignoring this beauty would be doing Africa an injustice.

What they do
Iss by Iss has exposure and experience in costume and accessory design. Costuming for tv production companies from movies, soap operas, to tv commercials. Styling as well for individual projects and customized outfits for groups.

Designing is a specialty, customizing clients wants and needs on to fabric, paper, services, homes, pretty much accessorizing their needs.

Iss by Iss Vision
We See a world where design is not only what we see on television, or what other people dictate, but what you as individual contribute to your own sphere and the world around you.

Mission and Statement
To realize the full potential of the creative industry, changing the outlook of the world to see Africa for what it is; a resourceful, innovative, beautiful, Naturalistic, Promising, Desirable, dependent continent. Preserving the environment and reaching out to less vulnerable groups giving them a better desire for life.

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Oscar Alochi


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