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Kahindo Mateene Fashion Designer from Congo

Posted On : February 5, 2019

Ann Mumbi


KAHINDO is a contemporary women’s wear brand creating vibrant statement pieces with a resort feel. The colorful pieces bought originally for a vacation will quickly turn into closet staples.

The brand was founded by Kahindo Mateene in 2009 and features feminine and sexy design alongside bold colors and unique prints inspired by the designer’s African heritage, globe-trotting adventures and surroundings in New York.

A graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, Mateene was selected to take part in Macy’s Chicago Fashion Incubator program and was also one of the contestants in season 12 of Project Runway.

Mateene is a passionate believer in the importance of empowering women and champions this cause through philanthropic endeavors in her native Congo and stateside.

KAHINDO is an independent women’s ready-to-wear design label based in New York city. Founded in 2009 under the name Modahnik, the brand was born of founder Kahindo Mateene’s desire to create a line that infuses the nostalgia and modernity of the two cultures of her upbringing, American and Congolese.

KAHINDO pairs mid-century Americana silhouettes with traditional Congolese textiles and fabrics creating garments that empower women in all of their femininity. KAHINDO believes that when you empower women, you empower a whole society, and champions this cause with a philanthropic partnership with MamAfrica, KAHINDO and MamAfrica repurpose the brand’s fabric scraps into handbags 100% made in the DRC by Congolese women.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kahindo Mateene is an alum of the Illinois Institute of Art. Mateene draws inspiration from Congolese art and culture of her childhood as well as the culture of her adopted country of the United States and extensive travels throughout Europe, the Americas and Africa. Upon completion of Chicago’s Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Residence Program in 2011, Kahindo Mateene landed a spot as a contestant on Season 12 of Lifetime Network’s Emmy-Nominated Project Runway television show.

From her constant philanthropic endeavors to partnership with MamAfrica through KAHINDO, Mateene has always seen fashion as a vehicle for conveying cultural perspective and betterment of a society.

Her collection marks the rebirth of my brand, under its new name, KAHINDO. The essence is maintained – bold colors and prints, sexy and sophisticated, and the attention to detail remains a priority. You will see my Congolese heritage shine through, with more emphasis on texture.

The color palette was inspired by conceptual artist Lina Iris Victor, whose work, specifically her painting, “Syzygy”, creates synergy between blue, black, white and 24-carat gold. I now present, KAHINDO, statement pieces for the progressive woman.

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