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Kenyan Designer Deepa Dosaja

Posted On : February 21, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Who is Deepa Dosaja? She is one of the Africa’s top designer her couture collection was for the first time showcased at the New York Fashion Week, Studio 450 New York. With her distinctive designs, Deepa Dosaja, has firmly established her name in Kenya and has clientele across the globe.

One of Deepa Dosaja Collection

Deepa Dosaja, one of Kenya’s leading designers, was recently selected to represent Kenya at the inaugural Commonwealth Fashion Exchange that was launched recently in London. Her look was exhibited at Buckingham Palace, during London Fashion Week, on February 19/2018 and ended yesterday 20th February 2018

Deepa Dosaja Background
Deepa Dosaja was born in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1977 her family relocated to Montreal, Canada, where she was to spend her childhood. It is whilst growing up in Montreal that Deepa realised her creative instincts.

On completing high school Deepa enrolled into La Salle College, Montreal from where she received a Diploma in Fashion Design. During this period Deepa also worked at a small exclusive boutique Filly and Colt (www.fillyandcolt.com/). This opportunity proved invaluable to her for the knowledge gained in various aspects of fashion.

In the early 1990’s Deepa relocated back to Kenya with an eye to launching her Fashion career. At the time the Fashion scene in Kenya was slowly ebbing into a reality. Her first assignment was Merchandising Manager or Hardcore Clothing Company a highly successful manufacturer and retailer.
Deepa ventured into her own business in 1991 and primarily engaged in Haute Couture for a client base that was growing in numbers. The year 2000 saw the creation of her own distinct label and flagship company Vabene Couture. The label was elemental in bringing a stylish upscale facet to the then burgeoning Kenyan fashion scene, changing the perception of what Kenyan fashion really means among style conscious consumers.

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