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Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe excited after featuring on Harpers Bazaar US Magazine

Posted On : August 16, 2019

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Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe is making money moves back in the US  and this time, it’s all in the name of high fashion as one of L.A.’s most stylish global transplants.

Huddah Monroe in Michael Kors Collection jacket and dress; Hermès bag; Jimmy Choo sandals; Mark’s Garden floral arrangement; Martone Cycling Co. bike.


The C.E.O of the famous Huddah Cosmetics, is gracing the Harper’s Bazaar’s limited edition September 2019 issue, posing in a stunning gown to look like the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie women.

The cover shot captures Huddah in a faux fur purple shiny gown posing on a bike with a basket of flowers. Huddah also goes African with her short natural hair look,Monroe is rocking a Michael Kors Collection jacket and dress; Hermès bag; Jimmy Choo sandals; Mark’s Garden floral arrangement; Martone Cycling Co. bike.

Also living in the here and now is Huddah Monroe, a beauty entrepreneur who shot to fame when she appeared on Big Brother Africa in 2013. Although her home base is Nairobi, she seems to exist in perpetual motion. Whether Abu Dhabi or Monaco or Atlanta or Shanghai, she’s never in the same place for long. But these days, L.A.

(where next year she plans to open a Huddah Cosmetics U.S. flagship stocking her popular liquid lipsticks and eye shadow palettes for darker skin tones) is like a second home to her. During the shoot, as crowds of onlookers gawk, she looks perfectly at ease bicycling along the beach with a flower-filled Birkin in a sequined Michael Kors Collection dress that shimmers in vivid violet hues.

Left: Kevin Kwan with (from left) Adinda Bakrie, Huddah Monroe, and Mireya Rios. Dresses (from left): Etro, Ralph Lauren Collection, and Prada. Jewelry, their own.

With 1.7 million Instagram followers and her face plastered all over billboards, Huddah, 27, is one of Kenya’s most talked-about personalities. She keeps a compound in Runda Estate, Nairobi’s poshest neighborhood, and has spent the past several months in one of downtown L.A.’s glittering new high-rises, where a posse of basketball stars forms her chosen family.

It doesn’t hurt that she’s as photogenic as Iman, but Huddah’s success is still a remarkable achievement for a girl born and raised in the slums of Nairobi.

“I grew up in a very nice environment,” Huddah deadpans, her deep smoky accent sounding like a cross between Lauren Bacall and Karl Lagerfeld. “

The only thing we had was poverty. The only thing we didn’t have was food. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an independent woman, and I saw an opportunity to start my own business and help other women feel beautiful.”

When we meet later for a drink, she is sheathed in a figure-hugging champagne- colored cocktail dress that I mistake for Alexandre Vauthier. “This is Forever 21,” she announces breezily. “I love pairing fast fashion with beautiful accessories.” Huddah loves local hot spots like Nobu Malibu and the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge (she has her own line of flavored cigars—the band reads hbc, for Huddah the Boss Chick). “L.A. has become so international and so welcoming,” she says. “It gives me the chance to dress up. Every day is like going to an awards show.”

Content courtesy of Harpers Bazaar US Magazine , Huddah Monroe & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

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