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Kipato Unbranded

Posted On : March 12, 2018

Ann Mumbi



Who are Kipato Unbranded ?

Kipato Unbranded is about beauty and unique designs. they create jewelry that is inspired by ‘ “everyday people and for everyday people”. Their pieces are made from local materials that include brass, recycled bone, and beads.

Kipato is a Swahili word meaning ” income “. This underscores the social justice core of the social enterprise. From its beginnings, they  provide the artists with fair wages.
Being a women-led organization Kipato unbranded are conscious about empowering young women. Kipato Unbranded is adaptable and ethically responsible.

Kipato Unbranded was founded in November 2015. since then it has received media attention including features on television programming,publications in media houses both in print and online, blog features, and showcased in high
profile events.

Their shareholders are 5 young women from different cultures and backgrounds – an international group that is committed to seeing this vision and mission exceed in every way possible by contributing their skills in law, design, marketing and branding.

Some of Kipato Hand made African Jewelry


Why “ Kipato Unbranded ”

1. Kipato: Kiswahili word meaning ” income “. This underscores the social justice core of the enterprise. We ensure that our artists are empowered by their work and receive fair wages for their creativity. From its beginnings, profits from the artists’ work,
whether sold in international or local markets, go directly to the artists, creating a model that is sustainable and fair to them.
2. We are “unbranded” because we are focused on creating jewelry by everyday people, for everyday people. We believe that beautiful Kenyan jewelry should not be out of reach for Kenyans and Africans on the continent, and therefore are
striving to create an enterprise that is accessible and approachable.
3. Our brand is also adaptable, simple, and ethically responsible- the collections are designed to be versatile, suitable as much for a high-profile journalism awards event as for a casual Saturday afternoon with friends.
4. Our products are created from recycled products, and our packaging and operations are eco-friendly, making it an environmentally responsible enterprise as well.
Kipato Unbranded is about simplicity, accessibility and empowerment.

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