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 Kisumu Based Rapper Gabiro Mtu Necessary Releases Swahili Version of Joyner Lucas’ Devils Work, ‘Chances’

Posted On : May 7, 2019

Oscar Alochi


Gabiro Mtu Necessary just dropped a new single off the new world controversial hit ‘Devils Work’ originally done by Joyner Lucas,He takes his fans on a conversation with God on why He (God) allows good people to vanish and allow the bad ones to stay.

This comes after his previous release ‘International Local that saw him champion for more support towards all talented fellows. In the song, recorded at MGF Studio, the self-proclaimed Kisumu President is pouring his heart heavily and he definitely sounds angered with all that goes around him; playing into the theme of being denied a chance together with other pioneers from all walks of life.

“I would not like anybody to misunderstand or misquote the lyrics on this song at any time because it is nothing more serious than an artist expressing themselves artistically in a song. Everyone mentioned in this song has in one way or the other either supported me as a brand and or as a person or they had an impact in whatever I am doing today.”

~ Gabiro Mtu Necessary ~


He continues, “If at any time any of us will feel so much offended that they can never forgive, I would like to remind them that we are all sinning so may God forgive me coz I am just singing.”

For someone to want a tragedy like death to befall you they really must have had the toughest time of their life keeping up with you but who are we to judge yet we are all sinning.

Content Courtesy Gabiro Mtu Necessary & Nairobi Fashion Hub Online Digital Team 

Oscar Alochi


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