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Learn How to Wear Wig in 7 Simple Steps

Posted On : May 15, 2014

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5# step Typically when you are wearing a wig over hair you need to find a way to conceal it besides simply rearranging it on your head. To wear a wig, you do not need to cut off your own natural hair. Those wishing to hide their natural beauty would just need to use a fishnet cap under the wig. The cap provides the necessary grip to hold your natural hair without poking through the wig.

6# step Wig caps are typically the answer but if you have lots of hair you might need to do something different. If the client has long hair, then it is divided into strands that are distributed evenly throughout the head and secured with special pins. The remaining hair, for example, at the temples, can be smoothed by means of gel to make the wig fit securely and tightly enough on the client’s head. You can do French braids and then put a wig cap over your hair. You can pin curls up and then use a wig cap and smooth them out, or you can do a combination of these techniques in order to get your hair tight and flat enough to be hidden underneath. Using wig clips has been reported to thin hair in places and cause breakage when worn continually.

7# step Once you have your hair successfully tightened up and flat enough to be concealed then you’ll want to put the wig on which is fairly easy, however you’ll want to take the time to make sure it is aligned properly on your head and around your face. If your wig doesn’t have hair lace you’ll want to put it on like normal and start pulling out your hair across the front area of your forehead. Keep pulling at these areas and moving them to the side until you are happy with the way it looks. You’ll probably see a seam in the hair now but you can use a comb to comb lightly over that seam and then match up the edge with your hairline for the right, natural look.

Full Lace Options Full lace wigs require that you put the wig on, get it in a position you are happy with, and then pin the hair back with hair clips in order to reveal your scalp line. Next you should trim any lace that sticks out past the hairline one little bit at a time. Be careful and persistent so that you get it right. Once you are done with the trimming and positioning you can apply wig tape and adhesive to the wig. Lastly pull the full lace wig onto your head and make sure that you carefully position it. The hairline should meet your wig and look completely natural. Hold it in position for 30 seconds while it adheres and you’ll have a full lace wig that is properly applied and natural looking too. Keep in mind that front or full lace wigs are not meant to be worn for long periods of time.

Today wigs are extremely popular and the latest styles, if they are high quality, look natural as well. Whether they are synthetic or made of real hair, today’s wigs are exceptional in most cases, and if you follow the wig wearing tips listed here, you’ll love wearing them and the versatility they deliver.

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