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Lekucci Global, A Fashion Label, Has Unveiled Its Afrocentric Collection.

Posted On : May 1, 2022

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The Afrocentric Collection (AC’22) has been unveiled by Lekucci Global Nigeria Limited, a fashion firm.

According to Adelekan Mogbodofo, the brand’s Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director, the collection includes a mix of mainstream fabrics that symbolize current Africa, as well as a selection of pieces from Africa’s primordial art, fabrics, and accessories.

“Afrocentricity is an ideology and a philosophy that gained traction during the era when blacks were colonized without regard for their culture, language, or identity,” Mogbodofo stated when asked what motivated him to develop the collection.

“The wearing of African and African-inspired clothing expresses African identity and black nationalism.” The Afrocentric collections are cultural products of Nigerians and the black diaspora, and they are worn exclusively or in combination with Western outfits.

“Fashion is really essential,” remarked Fadeshola Ojamomi, the company’s Brand Manager, at the debut of the collection. It improves one’s quality of life, and like anything worth doing well, it’s worth doing well. We had to introduce the Afrocentric collection in order to ensure that our clientele looked more fashionable in 2023. It’s a collection that expresses who we are as Africans and how we should present ourselves.”

Content courtesy of Lekucci Global, Punch NG & NFH

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