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Lifestyle Cultural Brand Day MyLane Introduces African Fashion With A Purpose

Posted On : December 23, 2020

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Day MyLane is a lifestyle cultural brand that strives to instill confidence and unison through its unique African fashion pieces.

Day MyLane is a one-of-a-kind, lifestyle cultural brand that amplifies cultural awareness and appreciation. The brand is delighted to share African flavor with the world through fresh, forward-thinking fashion concepts. With a catalog of clothing that boasts individuality and expression, including unique Nigerian t-shirts, Day MyLane caters to a global audience.

The company is a firm believer in praising communication across cultural lines, which is why many of their clothing designs feature inspiring phrases written in Nigerian Pidgin English.

A spin on the English phrase “Stay in your lane,” the company’s name has roots in both English and Nigerian languages. In Nigerian Pidgin English, it is not uncommon for someone to say “Dey your lane,” hence the aesthetically soothing version was born, Day MyLane. Nigerian Pidgin English phrases are highlighted throughout the brand’s website and are creatively represented on a number of pieces.

Providing a massive online collection of gentlemen’s, ladies’, and unisex apparel celebrating African fashion with rich cultural heritage concepts, Day MyLane is an all-inclusive brand that strives to evoke confidence. The company also sells dynamic accessories, including stylish masks and vibrant buttons. Each unique Day MyLane product represents their profound approach toward a unified planet.

Bold yet elegant, Day MyLane’s African fashion designs draw attention while offering heartfelt quotes that will resonate with both the wearer and even strangers passing by. This notion has been developed to break down cultural barriers and connect the human race as one. By wearing fun, expressive pieces from Day MyLane, people can feel good about doing right by themselves and by humanity.

Day MyLane products empower the people who embody them. Each individual is encouraged by these African fashion pieces and unique Nigerian t-shirts to celebrate the joy of life, whether this means feeling validated or projecting those feelings of inspiration onto others. This lifestyle cultural brand is worn by adventurers and trendsetters who seek deeper meaning in each of their choices.

“Design is my passion, but even more so, my commitment is to forging a connection between people and cultures worldwide,” says Creative Director of Day MyLane, Chika. “My mission is to help others find self-confidence while being in tune with our greater purpose on this Earth which is to come together.”

Each of Day MyLane’s wearable art pieces have been created with swift attention to detail. Chika has a vast wealth of knowledge that contributes to her creative expertise while continually expanding Day MyLane. By blending powerful messages and standout subtext with trendy African fashion statements, this lifestyle cultural brand finally allows people to dress for purpose.

Content courtesy of EIN Press wire & Nairobi fashion hub 

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