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L’oreal Unlimited Mascara Washable

Posted On : June 22, 2019

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We’ve seen a lot of mascaras come across our desks at Beautypedia, including plenty from L’Oreal, but Unlimited Mascara Washable stands out among them for its ability to live up to every single one of its claims. This fragrance-free mascara just might make you forget about your current favorite-it’s that good!

The most noticeable aspect of this mascara is its packaging: instead of a slim tube, it’s wider at the bottom, with a hinge at the point where you twist the wand out. You can either twist the wand out straight or bend it at a 90-degree angle and then pull it out of the tube. You can bend the wand after it’s out of the tube, though that requires touching the brush and potentially getting mascara on your hands (not to mention contaminating the product inside).

This clever packaging allows for versatile application: you can apply in a straightforward style as usual or use the shortened handle length (when it’s bent) of the brush itself to get to the corners of the eyes. We found it remarkably effective, and were able to coat every lash, even the tiny ones near the tear ducts.

But what really shines here is the marriage of formula, wiper, and brush. It adds significant length and volume to lashes, and a lot of curl, to the point where it looks like you’ve used an eyelash curler. The effect is almost that of wearing a pair of false eyelashes. Lots of mascaras make that claim, but this one actually delivers!

Unlimited Mascara didn’t clump, even after multiple coats, didn’t flake or smudge, and was easy to remove with just cleanser and water. Are you noticing the steps being saved here? You can potentially ditch your lash curler and separate makeup remover.

L’Oreal claims this can last up to 24 hours, and while it did perform remarkably for a full work day, we don’t recommend wearing any makeup that long, as it’s not good for your skin, and, in this case, your eyes.

That aside, this is an exemplary mascara, and one we wholeheartedly recommend.


  • Bendable brush allows for precision application to every lash.
  • Mascara adds significant length, volume, and curl to lashes.
  • Doesn’t clump, flake, or smudge.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Fragrance free.


  • None.

Tested on animals: Yes

Content courtesy of Beautypedia & Nairobi fashion hub

Nairobi Fashion Hub


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