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Loyal Kanairo New Song Loyal X Liquid – Nyaru Official HD Video

Posted On : February 14, 2019

Oscar Alochi


Loyal Kanairo is Kenyan artist who define is music style as Zabe which represent ghetto lifestyle, he started singing way back in 2007

Loyal has 3 hottest Video on his YouTube channel and his main aim to take Kenyan music to another level  “I fear God and I love my fellow Citizen”

What drew loyal to music industry was his talent and career he had so much passion for music, he liked to used his music to educate and uplift souls,

He inspired by any person who speaks positive on average day Loyal spend most of his time in studio recording, in his music there are no any hidden meaning because he talks about what happens in our society.

Loyal has done several collaborations with Kenyan Artist, thanks to his management team that work around the clock to make sure everything works perfect for him, he is free to work with any artist who met his management threshold.

His opinion about Kenya music scene in a scale 1- 10 is 10/10 loyal loves Kenyan music and the hard work artist invest to create good content, He had performance anxiety back in 2007 but manage to build his confidence with time.

“I performed at Mseto music launch at club 64 and that was one of my favorite/ memorable performance, fundi frank and Samir were very supportive the audience enjoyed my show.”

Loyal is a believer in true God humble and take challenge that comes his way head on with great strategy and preparation, he doesn’t decide on what to write about.

His advice to upcoming artist or anyone who would like to follow his footsteps is to believe in oneself, work smart as always be patience and God above all will do the rest.




Oscar Alochi


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