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Posted On : May 24, 2019

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In a bid to buy more Kenyan made products after realizing how populated the Kenyan market is with imported products, we discovered just how difficult it was to find, purchase and receive such products. Started in 2017, our goal is to make it easier for both producers and buyers to promote, buy/sell and distribute their Kenyan-made products

“We help promote businesses which produce Kenyan products that meet our quality standards.”

“Every Kenyan should have access to quality products made in Kenya. Today It’s easier to find products from other parts of the world, this shouldn’t be the case.”

In August 17th 2018  The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and the Brand Kenya Board entered into a partnership that will accelerate the implementation of the Made in Kenya Brand Mark that was recently launched by the Deputy President William Ruto.

Brand Kenya and key partners developed the Brand Mark which gives a unique identity to products made in Kenya. The Brand Mark will facilitate the ‘Buy Kenya, Build Kenya’ initiative and improve the consumer base for local manufacturers.

“The Made in Kenya Brand Mark we are launching today August 17th 2018  will set Kenya apart as the home for a set of products that meet the needs of discerning buyers across the world. All our authentic products will do well if they have some iconic branding and a form of identity,” said Deputy President William Ruto at the launch of the Brand Mark during the 2018 Annual Kenya National Trade Week.

The Partnership

The partnership aims to promote the Made in Kenya Brand Mark to manufacturers and collect feedback on the Made in Kenya initiative.

At the signing ceremony, KAM Ag chief executive Tobias Alando said the partnership will support local industries and in consequence contribute to the Big Four agenda.

“The manufacturing sector is key to Kenya’s economic growth due to its potential to grow productive jobs and increase the purchasing power of consumers. While Kenya is the most industrially developed country in the East Africa region, manufacturing only accounts for 8.37 per cent of GDP,” he said.

“Increased competition from imported goods and services has been a challenge to Kenyan produced goods and services. This Mark of Identity seeks to increase the competitiveness of local products, which is key to increasing exports, creating jobs and driving industrialization.”

Brand Kenya’s Ag chief executive Damaris Ngugi said the partnership will “synergize efforts to authenticate and promote products” made locally in the local and international markets.

“The Made in Kenya Brand Mark was developed to boost the manufacturing industry by authenticating all Kenyan goods and services for the local and international markets. It will be placed on all Kenyan products and comes with a promise of authentic, organic and high-quality products,” she said.

The Brand Kenya Board has also introduced a continuous marketing campaign on its online platforms for “companies and brands that will take up the Mark.”

Content courtesy of Brand Kenya , Made In Kenya & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

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