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Makeup Bag for Beginners

Posted On : July 4, 2018

Ann Mumbi


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7. Eyeliner
Eyeliner is an integral part of any makeup look. It could be an elaborate cat-eye or a barely there, natural look that involves just a wee bit of eyeliner. If you’re not very skilled at applying it, it’s best to start off with a pencil eyeliner before moving on to a liquid one. However, you need to make space for both of these in your makeup bag.

The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is great for novices. It is super easy to use, and the formula itself is creamy, long-lasting, and waterproof. And the best part? It comes in 46 shades! The brown and black shades are must-haves.

8. Mascara
A mascara, with its magical wand, can transform your eyes and instantly amp up those lashes with more volume, definition, and length. It is the one makeup tool that will instantly make you look bright-eyed in the morning (even if you did not get your full 8 hours of sleep). When you’re choosing a mascara, you need to consider factors like the brush shape and what the formula is designed to do.

The best mascara for beginners is the L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara. It is incredibly pigmented and does not smudge or flake.

Tip: It is best to curl your lashes BEFORE applying mascara because curling them afterward will not only break your lashes off but also get product all over your curler.

9. Makeup Brushes
The way your makeup turns out depends a lot on the brushes that you use. As a beginner, you don’t need or want a dozen brushes in your makeup bag. You only need a few basic brushes that are perfect to start with.

We recommend trying the Real Techniques Core Collection or a Beauty Blenderto start off. These will come in handy for foundation application, concealing, contouring, and buffing.

10. Compact
A pressed powder or a compact comes to the rescue when you are in need of a quick touch-up. Carry it around in your bag because it is quick and easy to use and also helps seal your makeup. We highly recommend it to those with an oily or combination skin type.

Try the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder for picture-perfect, flawless skin. It helps keep shine away and gives you natural coverage.

11. Lipstick
A good lipstick shade can not only help brighten up your face but also prevent it from looking washed out. And when it comes to lip color, the choices are infinite. If you are entirely new to lipstick, we suggest starting off with less pigmented hues and gradually moving to bolder shades.

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