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Mbabazi House of Style

Posted On : December 10, 2021

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Mbabazi (House of Style) is a Fair Trade business committed to advocating  African designs through modern fashion and quality products. We are committed to training and employing women and men providing them with opportunities to make a fair living. Mbabazi has 12 permanent employees, 4 trainees (apprentices), and 6 part-timers.

Mbabazi (House of Style) was founded in 2005, by Grace Byeitima, the name is in honor of her single mother, (Mbabazi Loy Rujumba), to appreciate her for the skills she taught her at an early age and teaching her the value of hard work.

At an early age, Grace remembers her mother saying, ”With the proper skills and hard work, you can succeed in life.” This is the backbone for Grace in the creation of a thriving fashion business – a business that inspires her mother, siblings, countless others and provides revenue for hardworking women and men.

The same heart and soul that fashions a successful shop and workshop in Uganda now exists in Memphis where Grace has resided since 2014. With her own elegance and design refinery, Grace merges the fabrics and prints of African tradition into new modern statements of style.

In 2007 Grace invited her mother so they could work together. Loy now heads the production department sharing her 30+ years of experience with our tailors and trainees in Uganda. Without her, Mbabazi would be non-existent.

Mbabazi is not just about clothing, the accessories and non-clothing-related items reflect ideas that inspire Grace and add to the ideas of a House of Style.

Mbabazi has thrived in Uganda, despite issues that exist in competitive business markets of developing nations.

Many well-meaning non-profit organizations who compete in the same market as traditional businesses such as Mbabazi are supported by subsidies and grants that create an uneven playing field. We at Mbabazi believe the saying “TRADE NOT AID” describes the best way forward for Economies in countries such as Uganda.

Mbabazi is a for-profit business that is supported by people like you.

Content courtesy of Mbabazi House of Style & NFH Digital Team 

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