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Meet Ancie’s Apparel Fashion Designer From Nigeria 

Posted On : July 19, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Nigerian designer, Ancie’s Apparel is an upcoming fashion brand which aims  to produce unique, stylish and affordable ready to wear outfits for women, specifically corporate women.Ancie’s outfit would consist of a rich blend of African and western prints as a way of promoting true African designs.

What inspired your fashion journey?

Ancie’s Apparel: To create outfits ladies that find comfortable with a feel good effect.

First ever creation?
Ancie’s Apparel : It was back in 2004, I made a long straight skirt that had a knee length center slit with roses around the slit (with my bare hands using needle and thread as i had no sewing machine and in fact had never peddled one) from a fabric my dad had gotten me for Christmas. I was excited and my parents were happy, I remembered them showing it off to almost everyone who came to visit. It was inspired by something I had seen my elder sister wear and I remember saying to myself “what if I make mine longer? what if I put roses around the slit? what if the slit is in the middle?
Yes there were mistakes like no darts, it had bad zip allowance and uneven sewing. Honesty I had no idea these things were necessary but I owned my skirt, I “rocked” my skirt and I loved it.

What are the challenges you have encountered?
Ancie’s Apparel : My challenge so far for me has been more of personal as I have been inconsistent with fashion but now I am back and fully ready but one thing I do know is that the price of machines necessary for sewing are a bit expensive.

Tell us about the collection you intend to showcase on AFWN runway
Ancie’s Apparel : For the AFWN runway, I intend to be true to my brands specific aim by making interesting outfits for the working woman that consists of a rich blend of African and western prints .

How do you feel with about the growing number of fashion designers? 
Ancie’s Apparel : I think it is really nice because I believe creativity can never be used up. The more creative pieces people put out there, the more new ideas are borne.  The saying that goes “the sky is big enough for everyone” is applied here, the fashion industry is big enough for everyone to carve a niche for themselves.

What is your outlook on African fashion and its impact worldwide? 
Ancie’s Apparel : Africans are stylish people, our fabrics are lovely, culture and heritage are fascinating and whether we admit it or not, it is evident the world is watching us.

Content Courtesy Of AFWN & Nairobi Fashion Hub 


Oscar Alochi


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