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Meet British-Nigerian Young Talented Fashion Designer Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade Founder of Yemzi Brand

Posted On : August 13, 2018

Ann Mumbi


I am Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade and I run the street-luxe bohemian fashion label Yemzi.

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a Fashion designer?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: Age 14 after exploring my interest in fashion by taking Saturday classes at my local arts institute.

Why did you choose this career?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: Followed my talents – drawing and designing.

Tell us about your line. What was your inspiration for this collection?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: Yemzi Gold Label is about being a bad and bougie British-Nigerian woman #slayinginthesilks lol

Walk me through the process step by step?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: Ideas, concepts, research, print design, silhouette design and pattern cutting, cut and sew, photoshoot  – wahla!

How is working in fashion different today than from when you started out?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: I’m only just getting started but the internet, influencers and sustainability increasingly have a more important role

What do you think is the most beautiful dress you’ve ever designed?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: I have only produced a few dresses in my collection but the Orange Split Dress which Chioma wore in her bae Davido’s Assurance video is beautiful because of the message around it,

Which supermodel do you have the closest relationship with, your favorite one?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: Naomi is the catwalk legend, nobody has anything on her walk and she must of been to so many sick parties too.

Which competitor do you have the most respect for?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: Maki Oh is dope.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade: Visibility, the opportunity to story tell, build a community and sell

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