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Nigerian Fashion Brand Imaatu Debuts ” Adire Tuntun ” Collection 2021

Posted On : November 29, 2020

Oscar Alochi


Vietnam based Nigerian fashion brand has lifted the veil on their fall/winter collection titled “Adire Tuntun”.
According to the elegant creative director, Omaatu, ‘Adire Tuntún’ which simply means “New Adire” births a dazzling array of ready to wear pieces and evening gowns, with striking emerald and shadowy patterns.


Omaatu has a special place in her heart for African prints and African fashion which she fuses into modern style, like seen in this collection.

Highlighting the indigo-dyed pattern, originated in Nigeria, which is the primary drive of the collection, its her way of paying homage to the African culture, accentuating cross-cultural fashion.

The designer, Omatu, who believes her works should be more popular than her personality said that the dresses are comfortable and youthful yet very stylish.


Imaatu, whose fashion brand is formerly known as Fulani, started her fashion works in Vietnam and launched in 2003.
The designer and creative director who prefers to be called by her first name, Omatu, celebrates women globally and empowers them through her creations to emphasize their feminine charms.


Her designs radiates self-confidence through colorful fabrics, with great importance to unique cuts that do not limit the wear ability of each piece.

Content courtesy of New Telegraph & Nairobi fashion hub 

Oscar Alochi


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