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Odaomo Seductress at Sunset Fall 2018 Runway Show 

Posted On : March 26, 2018

Ann Mumbi


odAOMO Seductress at Sunset Fall 2018 Runway Show went down at the tribe hotel village market the show started exactly at 5:00 pm east African time, event was graced by who is who in Kenyan fashion sector , great performance from America Pop idol and Odaomo creative director Quentin Alexander who left guest wanting more and more, fashion show was held at the poolside spectacular view with African set up.

Luxury Design for Global Citizen
Luxury line for modern women’s wear with a timeless and cross-cultural aesthetic ,Odaomo company is  based on the principle of “giving back” and supports improved social and economic conditions here in Kenya Creates exclusive and collectible statement pieces for global citizens, utilizes sustainably sourced materials to handcraft leather goods, Ready-to-Wear and jewelry in limited seasonal collectionsat the same time preserves the art of quality craftsmanship and community development through the fair-wage employment of local Kenyan artisans Odaomo produces regular fashion shows and events to foster a transcultural, stylish and philanthropic community, offers private shopping and personal styling services to clients Knowledgeable team of passionate professionals committed to providing the highest standard of products and services

History ( Odaomo Background )
Established in 2014. As you may know, in Africa, given names have significant meaning. Children are named after a great ancestor, a significant birth trait, a time, season, or an event. The designer’s name, Aomo, not only talks of  ” a time of harvest” , but is also after the great matriarch Aomo. Her grandmother was tall, strong, entrepreneurial, and left a legacy carried by many female grandchildren. The house of Aomo (od AOMO in Luo, her tribal language) was indeed the beginning of it all.
We welcome you to odAOMO, “House of Aomo”.

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