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Pacific Standard Time,Wooden 10 ATM Waterproof Watch – Kickstarter

Posted On : January 18, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Wooden watches are something that have become more and more fashionable lately. The other watch trend I am noticing is small boutique brands starting with the help of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo. My interest got drawn to a wooden watch from a Californian company called Pacific Standard Time Co. They claim to have created the first wooden watch with a waterproof factor of 10 ATM the equivalent of 100 meters.
4 Different Types of Wood
Pacific Standard Time has 4 types of wood for its watches. You can choose between Koa wood, Milo wood , Pheasant wood and Mango wood.

Koa Wood- Hawaiis Heritage
Koa Wood is rare in Hawaii and for centuries only the Hawaiian monarchy were allowed to own anything made from the exotic Koa wood. This precious wood is becoming more and more a rare commodity. Pacific Standard Time loves Koa Wood and want to bring it back. To this it only uses Koa wood from fallen trees for its watches and pledges to bring back the Koa tree by planting a new tree for every watch sold.
Koa Wood is also strong, it actually means “BRAVE, BOLD, FEARLESS” in Hawaiian. The warriors of King Kamehameha the Great created their weapons and canoes using this precious wood. Eventually, the wood became synonymous with the warriors themselves.
Milo wood
Milo wood has rich red and brown colours with a delicate grain. It’s a highly respected wood throughout Hawaiian history and was also available for Hawaiian chiefs only. In ancient times, the Hawaiians used this to craft their furniture, canoes, paddles and bowls.
Kolohala Wood (Pheasant Wood)
Kolohala wood, or Pheasant wood is a very rare and valuable wood. The Hawaiians refer to this as Pheasant wood as it resembles the local Hawaiian pheasant.
Mango Wood
Mango wood is a lighter wood, but can contain a kaleidoscope of colours. Usually it’s a golden brown, but other colors such as yellow with streaks of pink or black can also occur.

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