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Prudent Gabriel Turning passion into a Fashion Empire

Posted On : July 18, 2021

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She is fast becoming the choicest of celebrities, and an emblem of African fashion in a world of numerous fashion and beauty stylists, with a dynamic market where only the strong can thrive and expand.

Also, the business of designing and styling is becoming even more prominent and ubiquitous. In this competitive and ever-growing industry is where she has taken advantage of her love for fashion, as she is creatively aggrandizing her brand and fashion entrepreneurship to top-echelon.

Multiple award-winning fashion designer and the CEO, creative head of Prudential Styling and Prudential Fashion Academy, a fashion empire located in Lagos, Prudent Gabriel, has been in the fashion designing and styling industry for a while now. Her journey has not been a smooth ride but she has remained relevantly consistent for the past three years.

According to the Lagos-based fashion Designer and styling expert who quit her job as a waitress to pursue fashion, “fashion and modeling is something I had always wanted to do most. I was working as a waitress and I making tired of the job because there was no satisfaction. I could not create time for myself and my passion, and at the end of the day, I just had to resign and moved on to my passion full-time.”

Starting out was a very daunting task, being a low-profile design with a small shop in the industrial city of Lagos, Prudent had gone through many challenges. It was difficult to convince clients of her dexterity because no one was willing to be a lab rat for a neophyte in the business.

The Nigerian fashion market was highly competitive and mostly embraced accomplished designers, so it was an arduous undertaking for novices to break in. Another challenge for her was creating unique designs that no one else has ever styled. “Also, working with difficult customers is also very pressurizing because you’re trying to prove your worth. I keep designing even when I don’t have people ordering for them, I make sure always have clothes up there, I post about them, ask my friends to share and that’s how I kept pushing till the brand got this big.” Prudent said.

Today, her list of clients at Prudential Styling is endless, but, she mentions Tim Godfrey and Xtreme Crew, Debbie Rise of Big Brother Naija Season 2, Naomi Mac of Nigerian Idol, and Queen B of Ultimate Love as some of her celebrity clients. With Prudential Fashion Academy, she has produced over 150 fashion designers and has received multiple awards for her service and excellence in the fashion industry.

Prudent’s role models in the industry are Matopeda, YomiCasual, Valdrin Sahiti, and Veekee James who make bespoke outfits. She advises other young designers who draw inspiration from her works to be ready to work very hard and give it they’re all. Keep positive people around themselves and make sure their circle consists of people that are helping them grow, people that encourage them every day.

With her passion and goal-driven momentum, Prudent Gabriel has grown from her small shop into a highly valuable fashion empire.

The fashion world has only been better since the presence of her brand, with more hopes for the future.

Content courtesy of Vanguard & Nairobi fashion hub  

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