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SA Designer Takudzwa Dlamini set to further Fashion Studies in Milan

Posted On : December 24, 2021

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A huge stepping stone for me as a start-up  SA designer Takudzwa Dlamini is set to further her studies at the Milano Fashion Institute in Milan.

South African fashion designer Takudzwa Dlamini is described as a woman of very few words who uses fashion as a voice to communicate. Dlamini is set to further her studies after being accepted into a prestigious fashion school in Italy, Milan but says there is still a lack of support for young talent in South Africa.

Who Is Takudzwa Dlamini?

Takudzwa Dlamini is a 27-year-old fashion designer whose work is dedicated to redefining society’s view of women and the perceptions of femininity and masculinity and how they interact.

She completed her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in fashion design at LISOF in 2017 and obtained her BA Honours degree in fashion design from the University of Johannesburg in 2020. She has always wanted a career in fashion since she was a little girl.

She is also the owner of her very own fashion brand, Taku Dlamini. According to Design Indaba, the contemporary womenswear brand prides itself on sustainable production practices.

“The key themes in her work are culture, feminism, storytelling and she always aims to invoke a sense of nostalgia,” highlights the organisation.

She has shown her work at the African Fashion International Fashion Week in Johannesburg.

Milano Fashion Institute

The talented fashion designer has been accepted to study a Master of Brand and Business Management at the Milano Fashion Institute in Milan, Italy.

“It’s a huge stepping stone for me as a start-up business. I think there’s so much I am yet to learn about the business aspect of fashion. Italian fashion is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and there’s so much one can learn from that,” Dlamini told IOL.

“I am always learning and looking to enhance my knowledge and skills. You can never know enough.”

She mentioned that going to Milano Fashion Institute would be a dream for her.

“I’ve always wanted to live in a fashion capital and immerse myself in that space. I am also excited to expand my knowledge and skills particularly in the business of fashion.”

‘Lack Of Support For Young Talent’

Although she has already been accepted to the Milano Fashion Institute, Dlamini has a financial challenge, she does not have funding. She sees this as an opportunity for young designers to be supported more with funding opportunities.

“I feel there is quite a big lack of support for young talent in our industry. I would also love to see more woman designers at the forefront of a very male-dominated industry,” she mentioned.

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