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Sarah Diouf’s Made In Africa Documentary Offers Inspiration for the Future of African Fashion

Posted On : May 19, 2020

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The documentary gives insight into the four-year journey of her Dakar-based label Tongoro and highlights the importance of local craftsmanship on the continent.

In her new documentary, Made In Africa, designer and creative director Sarah Diouf, shares an intimate look into the journey of her celebrated Senegalese fashion label Tongoro.

Since its launch four years ago, Tongoro has graced runways across major cities, and been sported by international stars, the likes of Burna Boy, Iman and Beyoncé. Diouf is quick to note, however, that its success isn’t merely tied to her own personal achievement—her dream is to help transform Africa’s design clothing industry as a whole, and there’s still much work to be done on that front.


The 30-minute documentary includes footage of Tongoro’s design and production process in Dakar and provides valuable insight for aspiring designers. Diouf, who also narrates the film, champions community involvement and local craftsmanship across the continent. She makes a case for respecting tradition and acknowledging the contributions to African-made clothing to the global fashion landscape.

The documentary marks the brand’s fourth anniversary, which coincides with Africa Day on May 25. Watch Made In Africa in full below, and read our conversation with the designer underneath, in which she discusses the growth of her brand, the importance of supporting locally-made clothes, and her dream for the future of African fashion.

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