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Spectrum Kagwe Mungai Album Launch

Posted On : May 10, 2019

Oscar Alochi


Kenyan superstar with a unique style and presence, Kagwe Mungai shares his debut album ‘Spectrum’ featuring hit tracks like Doctor & African Lady

Kagwe Mungai is launching his first album, Spectrum in a colorful concert at the Alchemist! Come and celebrate with us!

After a successful string of singles,Kagwe Mungai now eyes an album. The talented crooner-cum-music producer took to his Instagram to announce that his debut album Spectrum is underway. The deets were albeit sketchy at first,but he promised a follow up post to demystify its predecessor. That he did a few hours later.

A 12-track album,with 3 bonus tracks to boot is slated for the 18th of May 2019. Some already-released tracks like Till The End and Bass will feature on the album. 3 of the tracklist will be collaborations,two of them with fellow local musicians.

Mungai’s multihyphenated career has been on the rise. From collaborations with renowned singers from far-flung places to being a part of local bangers,his has been a winning streak. Having produced songs for reputable music acts hitherto,it’s little wonder that he has writing and production credits on the whole album.

He has also clearly broken the n0-album stereotype by most Kenyan music acts. Will the reception be anything to write home about? That will come to light on 18th May 2019!

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Oscar Alochi


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