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Top 10 Adult Sex Toys Shops In Nairobi Kenya

Sex toys are by no means new. In fact, they’ve been around for thousands of years. However, thanks to recent advances in sex tech, we are now living in the golden age of erotic toys.

While you may think intimate products (like vibrators and male masturbators) are strictly for solo use, they have the power to revolutionize your sex life. We stock a smorgasbord of couple’s toys, designed to raise your romp and test your bed springs.

Adult toys even have the power to make you a better lover – take our range of strokers, for instance. With regular training, these bedroom beauties can improve your stamina and let you explore different sensations. A G-spot vibe could also unlock new ways to play with your partner and a set of Ben Wa balls could strengthen your pelvic muscles and give you some powerful love muscles.

Even if you know your way around the bedroom like the back of your hand, a cheeky buzz here or a touch of pressure there can push your sessions from good to ‘Wow!’

Here is a list of Top 10 Adult Sex Toys Shop in Kenya

1. Wowgasmic 

Looking to Buy an Adult Toy? It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or anything in between Wowgasmic are on a mission to get you off with the very best sex toys, After all, sexuality is a big beautiful rainbow and we want to cater for every color.

Wowgasmic provides a wide range of adult toys to suit every taste, gender, and experience level. Whether you and your pleasure center are lifelong friends or just mere acquaintances, you’ll find something to tickle your fancy on our virtual shelves.

To make sure you get your hands on the very best, Wowgasmic stock the most popular pleasure products from some of the most exciting brands in the world, If you’re rocking a vulva, take a look at Wowgasmic ever-expanding vibrator and dildo selection. Whether you’re looking for a clitoral vibrator to take you to new heights or are on the hunt for a rabbit vibrator to make you see stars, you’ll find it here.

If you’re the proud owner of a penis, fill your boots with Wowgasmic assortment of Fleshlights, massagers, and sex dolls. Whatever your taste, male sex toys are a great way to upgrade solo sessions or add another dimension to a couple’s play.

If you’re looking to spice up things with your partner, consider adding some sex toys for couples into the mix. Try a wearable vibrator for next-level penetration or a strap-on kit to really elevate your bedroom antics.

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254788666333 +254707202303 
Instagram: @wowgasmic
Twitter: @wowgasmic
Facebook: Wowgasmic
Website: wowgasmic.co.ke

2. Secrets Kenya

Secrets Kenya is an online adult sex shop in Kenya. they stock the best sex and adult toys in Nairobi Kenya. Secrets Kenya sells sex toys that have been designed for sexual enhancement, including women & men toys, vibrators, dildos, straps on, penis enlargement, among other sex enhancers. You can browse our sexcessories and sexual paraphernalia for couples that will make your date nights even more enjoyable and orgasmic.

Shop for the latest sex toys in Kenya from the online sex toy retail store with easy online shopping with discreet packaging for all your consumer needs. Buy sex toys today from Kenya’s leading online sex shop.

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254734081550 or +254724278550
E-mail: nairobibeauty1@gmail.com
Website: secretskenya.co.ke

3. Doctor Crocodildo

Doctor crocodildo Kenya is great sex toys and accessories sold in Kenya and across East Africa, they are an online service that delivers high-quality sex toys and accessories with great service delivered discreetly in Kenya and East Africa.
This is where you’ll find all the goodies to make life in the bedroom more pleasurable, It’s a non-judgemental zone, so kick back, relax and have fun.

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254718383871 or +254731255235
E-mail: info@doctorcrocodildo.com
Website: doctorcrocodildo.com

4. G-spot Kenya 

G spot Kenya exists to make you feel confident & comfortable in your most intimate moments. We are here so that you can take control of your orgasms, at G spot Kenya we are Reinventing Sex wellness and Orgasms for the Modern Kenyan and East African Woman. Because having an orgasm is not only healthy but puts a smile and a glow on your face.

We stand for sexual liberation, experimental and mind-blowing satisfaction. We encourage sexual awakening as we are the trusted authority in the market in Kenya. We push boundaries and buttons to give you exactly what you want. We will continue to provide Kenya with the latest Sextoy innovations. We don’t compromise on Quality! We are the Pioneers of  Quality Pleasure in East Africa. Be sexually empowered!

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254 771 063 331
E-mail: bevmunga@gmail.com or bev@gspotkenya.com
Instagram: @bevmunga
Twitter: @SextoysKenya
Facebook: The Gspot Experience by Bev Munga
Website: gspotkenya.com

5. Raha Toys

This is home to the best and cheapest bedroom toys in the country. Good news considering they are the widest selection of products which fall under numerous different categories and sub-categories

What about Raha Toys’ return policy you ask? It says “if you become dissatisfied with an item for any reason whatsoever during the first 30 days of ownership, then you can return the item to us for a replacement, an alternate selection, or a full refund. If an item does not perform because of a manufacturer’s defect, then return it to us. We’ll replace it without charge”.

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254 708 332 646 or +254 722 165 790
E-mail: rahatoys@eml.cc
Website: rahatoys.com

6. Pleasure World

Sex toys are devices that help you encourage and give you satisfaction during sex. Pleasure world is a famous online adult toys shop in Nairobi, Kenya.

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254700793020
E-mail: pleassure.worldkenya@gmail.com
Instagram: @pleasure_world_kenya
Facebook: Pleasure World Kenya
Website: pleasureworld.co.ke

7. 69 Vibrations Kenya

The most affordable sex toy shop in Kenya, So you have been looking around wondering what toy to get yourself. Maybe for the first time or you need to upgrade, but the prices have been exorbitant, worry not wanker, this is the site for you, at 69 Vibrations Kenya we have stocked one of the largest varieties of sex toys in Kenya and our prices will not break your budget.

Pick two, pick three, heck even pick five, your wallet will still be smiling, 69 Vibrations Kenya we are a purely online shop and do deliveries at a fee to CBD and out of CBD. No same-day delivery. All orders are delivered the next day.

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254701053013 or +254737381170
Instagram: @69vibrations
Facebook: 69 Vibrations Kenya
Website: 69vibrationskenya.com

8. Sex Toys Kenya

They offer discrete shipment to any location in Kenya, including Nairobi and its Outskirts, including Kilimani, Eastleigh, Westlands, Parklands, Eastlands, and Embakasi, among others, and they have a fantastic range of sex toys for both men and women.

Sex Toys Kenya not only has a wide variety of sex toys, but they also have a blog that examines all facets of sexuality.
They offer articles on a variety of topics, including how to choose the best sex toy for you and how to have better sex. Their website also includes a section on sex education. Sex Toys Kenya is a fantastic resource, so check it out if you’re searching for a new sex toy or just want to learn more about sexuality.

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254724278550/+254734081550
E-mail: info@sextoyskenya.co.ke
Instagram: @sextoyskenya
Twitter: @sextoyskenya
Facebook: Sex Toys Kenya
Website: sextoyskenya.co.ke

9. Pleasures Galore

Pleasures galore support the maintenance of good sexual health & promote sexual growth, they create opportunities for sexual exploration by providing a fun, educational, and comfortable shopping experience featuring an extensive selection of personal, romantic, and pleasurable products.

WhatsApp: +254796496543
E-mail: toys@pleasuresgalore.co.ke
Instagram: @pleasuresgalore49
Twitter: @PleasuresGalore
Facebook: Pleasures Galore 254
Website: pleasuresgalore.co.ke

10. Euphoric

Contact Details

WhatsApp: +254703 174363
E-mail: orders@euphoric.pro
Instagram: @euphoric
Facebook: Euphoric
Website: euphoric.co.ke

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Adult Sex Toy Shops in Kenya

The Rona is still with us. It’s ruined all your plans and that person that you’ve been eyeing like a milkshake. 


Sex is a natural act and need because it’s listed, under Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs. Sex is as a physiological need along with things like food, drink, sleep, warmth and shelter. 


So what do you do, when, you’re stuck indoors all door, and, you have an itch that needs to be scratched? You buy yourself a toy or two.


Here are a few adult sex toy shops in Kenya, that you can reach out to;


Wowgasmic has handled over 9000 happy customers since 2011. They’re still going strong with a wide range of products that include lubricants, rabbit vibrators, bondage gear, and anal toys. Their items include details on how to utilize your toy, who it’s meant for, and what comes in the box. So it’s perfect for newbies exploring their sexuality or more experienced people looking to spice up their sex life.


Doctor Crocodildo

They’re dedicated, to offering high-quality and good-value products and services to Kenyans. They don’t believe that sex is a conversation that should only happen behind closed doors. Items sold by Crocodildo include vibrators, toys, lubricants, games, and erotic stories. They also share newsletters and can offer same-day delivery if you order your item early.


Secrets Kenya

Secrets Kenya is all about providing a wide range of adult toys to enhance pleasure, whether, you’re alone in a relationship. On the site, it stays that you can order your items 24/7. If you place your order early in the day, then, you can get it delivered on the same day.


G Spot Kenya

The Vibrating Lawyer founded G-Spot Kenya said when she first opened her shop online, the stock ran out within three days. They’re all about empowering the Kenyan woman and helping her get in touch with her sexual side. They have toys that suit novices or people that have a lot of experience with adult toys.


69 Vibrations Kenya

69 Vibrations Kenya has a wide range of products and, they promise not to break your wallet. Super affordable, you can get a few toys to keep you warm during the winter. Items are delivered the next day in the CBD.



Euphoric all about providing adult items that you can use alone or with a trusted partner. They promise different toys that clients can fall in love with, explore and discover their inner fantasies. Euphoric is always discrete whenever you purchase anything from their platform. They also offer personalized assistance in case you aren’t sure about what item suits your needs.


Pleasure World

Pleasure world believes that good sex makes the world go round. So, if your partner isn’t hitting your sweet spots then you’re better off getting a toy that will. Of course, they have a wide range of toys for both men and women at affordable prices. They want people to be open-minded about sex, understanding their bodies better and their partners’ too. All orders above Ksh 4,000 are shipped for free.

Top 10 Adult Sex Toys Shops In Nairobi Kenya

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Cloned Human Model Sex doll with 99% Accuracy in Astonishing Tech Feat

DS Doll claims it has “cloned” a human, model Jie, into a sex doll. Dolls have lifelike goosebumps, risen veins and implanted human hair for futuristic realism

A human has been “cloned” into a sex doll with 99% physical accuracy, a manufacturer has claimed.

DS Doll has worked with Chinese model, Jie, to produce a replica of her available for punters, The company used 3D scanners for its Clone Series, and has produced details including goosebumps, risen veins in the hands and implanted human hair – even on the toes, some details are even as small as 0.03mm.

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And now it is urging celebrities, adult performers and influences to come forward and volunteer to have a model made of them.

Nick, from Silicone Lovers who supply the Ex Dolls, told Daily Star Online: “This is replicating an entire human to over 99% physical accuracy of their external cosmetic features.

“The hair is real human hair sourced from hair salons in southern China. They have wig suppliers who collect and sterilise the hair, which is then cut and styled for use.

“They can slo use synthetic hair fibres for use in countries or markets that cannot import biological hair, or for those who do not want to use it.

“It is an exact replica of Jie’s hands. The 3D scanning procedure captures 99% of the external cosmetic details of the human body.

“It is then sculpted into a new wax-like silicone that will preserve the details and last a lifetime.”

Louie Love, also from Silicone Lovers, added: “The plan going forward is not to limit it to celebrities only, but to allow anyone to make an exact replica of themselves or perhaps a loved one, exactly as they are, to take a snapshot of themselves, and preserve their very own unique beauty and look for over 50 years.”

Talks are currently underway between DS Doll and Japanese adult performers to produce more models for its Clone Series.

Incredible images show Jie and her clone model inside a Westworld-style laboratory.

Nick previously told us: “I believe there has never been a doll that is able to replicate fine detail right down to the level of 0.03mm.

“We have some incredibly realistic dolls for sale, but Jie takes the cake. A lot of dolls are based off human models, but the sculpt is generally altered after taking initial measurements, and fine details are painted on after to give the impression of realism.”

Content courtesy of Daily Star & Nairobi fashion hub